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Help refugees have access to Word of God and other Christian materials needed to build their faith.

Song is a universal language that touches the soul and, as such, can also serve to proclaim the gospel. It expresses praise and thanks to God and underlines the dignity and holiness of worship. We know that the Bible is the Word of God. In it, we are given commands of how to glorify God and become His disciples.


Most of churches and refugee Christians lacks these kind of material because they depend only on $6 USD received from World Food Program as their month food ratio and over 80% of the population in Uganda live in poverty.

We want to reach and spread the gospel of God to refugees camps and disadvantaged community in Uganda, teach them to be disciples of Christ, and empower them to continue making disciples in their communities. We achieve this through the distribution of Bibles, Christian song books and church music instrument.


All books distributed are in local Uganda languages uses by local churches namely; English, Swahili, Luganda, and kinyabwisha.

When you donate, Christian books, Bibles, and other materials, you are giving resources that help refugee to grow their faith.

What your donation can do:

With $4 can print Christian songbook, Our goal is to print over 10,000 Song Books to be distributed to 50 churches.  
With $30 can buy new Bible, we need over 100 Bibles.
With $ 350 can buy a music system that comes with two microphone 🎤.
With $400 can buy piano a to support choir members during and after church service.
With $100 can buy new Bicycle, we want to distribute 5 Bicycles per church to help church leaders to spread the word of God in their local communities.

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